I’m baaaaaaaaaack


So after a long, tempestuous and rather exhausting hiatus from writing I have decided its time to get back to blogging and make good on my exposé and promise to divulge more confessions from the salon floor.

Looking through the blog stats last night I am truly blown away by how much interest The Hair Hore has had. By way of thanks and to display my humble gratitude I’d love to hear from you all so do tell, what sordid salon secrets would you like to read about next..? It’s your chance to ask me what you’ve always wanted to know about, the ins and outs, the trials and tantrums of a hairdressers salon life and all that it entails…

Please type me your requests in the comments section, I wait with baited breath to see what you request! Until then,

Much love to you all,

HH x

The “Sit the fuck still!” Clients…

Crack, Marionettes and haircuts don’t mix..

Whilst having your haircut it’d be a terrific help if you just sat the fuck still. Turning your giddy head to look directly into my eyes is not advisable. To make myself plain, I am not able to cut a precise line if you’re doing your best impression of a marionette puppet on crack listening to electro house tunes . It’s common practice for clients talk to me by looking into the mirror you and I find ourselves in front of at this very moment!… Confusing as it may be we are both, in fact facing the same direction, I see you, you see me, this phenomena is known as a reflection. Amazing and true… Welcome.