For sixteen years I have been a hairdresser and I have been so very lucky and blessed to have had such loyal, supportive and caring clients, many I consider dear friends and some I think of as family… This blog, however is dedicated to the dark side of hairdressing life, it’s about the negative and downright draining clientele, the clients you dread DAYS before their impending doomsday arrival , the type of client that can turn a wonderful day into utter dismay.. Day in day out, standing on poor swollen trotters, usually busting for a wee and deranged by nagging starvation, brain buzzing from the insistent drone of moronic mouths yapping all the while feigning intent interest, concern and devotion. I’ll be your best friend, your nurturer, your confidante, your rock, your psychologist and whatever else your little selfish black heart desires. I’ll tell you that your ogre like offspring are absolute stunners, I’ll tell you you’re hubby isn’t really a rank ginger with bitch tits, just strawberry blonde with shapely pecs and I’ll even pretend to be completely oblivious to the gigantic sebaceous cyst you have growing out of your fontanel that most likely affects the tides and precipitation and definitely has its own orbit. Truthfully, I’m frightened at how easily I slip into the “Of course your celestial highness, please allow me the honour of wiping your soiled botbot..” I have become so used to accommodating the vain and vile, the arrogant and narrcasstic, the entitled and egotistical! Over the years I have honed my craft, not only as a hairdresser and cynic but also as an actress extrodinare!! It’s a travesty! In different circumstances I’d be a multi Oscar winner living the high life!..But alas, for now I must be content in the pursuit of fiddling with follicles and selling bullshit to insecure barnacles… Oh! Not forgetting, collecting more material to entertain you, my curious lil hores.. By day I style hair, subdue my true nature (and tongue!) and pretend and perform for my cuntish clients cash, by night I have my vengeance by spilling their secrets and revealing their basic behaviour.. So please, I do hope you revel and delight in this expose of mine,

The Hair Hore



-NONE of the snip bits revealed on this blog are based on any one “person, vegetable or vegan”. The Hair Hore intends to amuse, delight and divulge torrid tales along with a generous application of embellishment for your explicit merriment and inner serenity.. Love and light haters X

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